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30 Day Challenge to Love and Honor Yourself

So many subject and topics to choose from to start my blog. I have put a lot of thought into my years of working closely with clients, one thing most had in common is taking care of themselves without guilt. We are pretty good at doing and caring for others, but there is some kind of guilt or non-deserving that happens when it's time to turn it inward towards ourselves. I know I've suffer from this even though I know better on a conscience level. My job is caring for others. I have thought so many times why it is so easy and actually energizing to give to others and not ones self. Is it because we are women and that is why? Is because we are brought up to be caretakers of our children and our homes? Especially women brought up in the 50's and 60's. The women were the caretakers for the most part and the men the bread winners. I must say this doesn't apply to all, I do have some friends and clients that I have felt have an extra dose of self-esteem and love taking the time to be treated like a princess. I've never judged only observed and admired. I've also noticed men, if it isn't purpose driven or competive such as sports they too have a hard time taking care of themselves past pure necessity.

So with all of that being said, I challenge you to 30 days of showing love to yourself, honoring yourself and treating yourself as well as you do others around you without guilt. To treat yourself special and to embrace the love you show yourself.

Day 1 think about what this might consist of. What kind of love, kindness and care you would you enjoy. Explore the possibilities and make a list from the smallest thing to something extravagant. It would be as simple as sitting down with a cup of hot tea in the middle of the day gazing out the window mindlessly without an ounce of guilt. I would love for this to be interactive and hear from you on how you proceed with this challegne.

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