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Swe-Thai Massage What?

I am looking forward to taking a continue education class next month. The class is Swe-Thai, you ask "what the heck is Swe-Thai?". When I was in massage school I had a weekend hands on class in Thai Massage, it is like someone doing yoga with your body for you. Traditional Thai massage is done on the floor using a mat. Swe-Thai massage is similar to that, but done on the massage table as you still receive traditional massage along with the stretching. Your massage will include you being stretched relieving and lengthening tight muscles. The advantage of someone else stretching you is that the muscle is relaxed without resistance, so you receive a fuller stretch. The benefits of this is relieving back and neck pain, relieving tension in your body by increasing blood flow and your bodies mobility. I look forward to offering this service to further enhance my clients well being and comfort.

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