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Save on your massage!!

Most of us love getting massages and making them more affordable is even better. If you have an HSA (Health Savings Account) or a FSA (Flexible Savings Account) you can use them to pay for your massages. These are pre tax dollars you deposit to use for medical expenses. Massage Therapy can qualify as a medical expense if your doctor gives you a written prescription. Here is how you get started. Your employer will conduct an open enrollment time usually September thru October for you to sign up and commit to how much you want to contribute to your account. If you want to do monthly massages you would want to plan the cost of your massage into your contributions during this open enrollment period. The next step would be to contact your doctor and request a prescription with the following information:

Medical necessity of why you need it such as ( anxiety/stress relief, neck pain, migraines)

Frequency: how many sessions per month

Duration: the length of treatment 12 month

File your prescription in a safe place in case your ever asked for it for verification for your expenses.

Now you are ready to start enjoying savings on your massages. Many FlexCard can be used to pay directly for your massage, if not you will be provided a receipt to submit to your plan for payment.


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