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Thank You Sincerely

Thank You Sincerely

Taking care of ourselves has never been more important. With all the changes in our daily lives and information seemingly changing by the minute has created a sense of uncertainty even in our most routine task.

I've been so fortunate to be working and following pretty normal routines while still staying safe and healthy.

Almost a year ago the beauty industry and massage was shut down for several weeks, who would have ever thought this would happen!! Well it's coming up on a year that I've been back to work staying healthy and keeping my clients healthy. However I've seen my clients more stressed with working from home in makeshift offices and assisting their children with the challenges of virtual schooling. I want to sincerely thank all that have had the confidence in me to do their massages and facials that have hopefully brought them some relief from the physical and emotional stress of the last year.

Hopefully with so many being vaccinated that our lives can get back to a more normal state, enjoying extended families and friends. Giving hugs and seeing people's smiles.

Again Thank You to all of my clients that have given me the privilege to serve them. I'm committed to continuing to provide a safe and comfortable environment to nurture you. That safe, peaceful, happy place to escape to if only for an hour or two.

Jo Taylor

Pure Life Mind and Body


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